AI-CORE is the algorithm hub where we host our virtual sensors during the training phase, and in case of a cloud architecture, we also deploy already trained sensors there. AI-CORE also offers additional analytics tools like e.g. a damage forecaster.

Partners and customers can integrate our Virtual Sensors into their existing cloud-based IT systems by connecting to AI-CORE through our API/SDK.

As IT developer, you get full control over the use of our Virtual Sensor technology through AI-CORE. Set up and manage access to use our API quickly and easily with the included software development kit.

As an alternative to such a cloud-to-cloud-connection with AI-CORE, Virtual Sensors can be deployed at industrial scale via

After Bosch Connected World 2022 in Berlin, we will demonstrate an implementation of our Virtual Sensors in BlackBerry IVY at the CES Show in Las Vegas in January 2023.  <verlinkt auf ein Video, das wir in den Blog stellen werden>

  • customized algorithm package for edge deployment, fitting your available computation resources. <wird später verlinkt>

Gegenüberstellung Cloud Architecture vs Edge implementation vs BB Ivy.

For pilot studies and automotive R&D projects, we offer a convenient web-based interface, AI-VIEW.

Would you like to benefit from our Virtual Sensors to enhance your product, and become our next partner?