In addition to being an Investor at COMPREDICT through its its BlackBerry IVY Innovation Fund, BlackBerry is also a strategic partner. The connected vehicle data platform BlackBerry IVY™ , built in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), makes it much easier for COMPREDICT to access vehicle data in a normalized way. It simplifies our ability to manage large scale OEM deployments.

BlackBerry IVY™ enables us to work efficiently on solutions that can be deployed in many different vehicles without potentially touching any hardware or vehicle. This makes COMPREDICT hardware and OS platform agnostic while reducing connectivity costs for the automaker.

At the CES Show in January 2023 in Las Vegas, our Virtual Sensors for tire and brake wear were deployed directly in BlackBerry IVY™ , in a Jeep Grand Cherokee democar. The Virtual Sensors computed current wear and forecast of future wear. Together with BlackBerry and Bosch, we accomplished a full integration, including Alexa voice command. Check out the video “Alexa, what’s the status of my tires?”

BlackBerry QNX operating systems Partners can benefit from direct over-the-air deployments of BlackBerry IVY, including our Virtual Sensor.