Virtual Sensors for automotive and commercial vehicle OEMs

Stand out from the competition with cutting-edge technology & business processes

The connected vehicle transformation in the mobility industry is in full swing. COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors play a key role in the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV): they transform your connected vehicle data into value-added insights!

Our Virtual Sensors can be deployed in a cloud architecture like AWS or Azure, or embedded in vehicle electronics hardware.

Thanks to our partner BlackBerry, COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors can be deployed easily and at scale by using the Blackberry  IVY middleware, in legacy electronic architecture or in Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) architectures.

COMPREDICT´s Virtual Sensors for vehicle manufacturers

Cut your costs by lowering the number of hardware sensors in vehicles

Don’t you think that vehicle electronics could be streamlined?

Replace legacy hardware sensors with Virtual Sensor software!

COMPREDICT supports you in identifying the appropriate sensors to be replaced by software. Virtual Sensors are like digital twins of hardware sensors. They are trained to precisely reflect a hardware sensor signal dynamically and reliably.

Check out how Virtual Sensors can replace hardware sensors.

Enable new measurement capabilities at low costs

Wouldn’t it be perfect to extend your development fleet without multiplying the costs? What about adding new sensing capabilities to your series-production vehicles at low costs?

With COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors, you can transform any vehicle into a highly sophisticated laboratory vehicle by virtualizing sensitive or costly measurement equipment.

Read more about new measurement capabilities with Virtual Sensors.

Sense the present and predict the future to lower warranty costs 

Would accurate information about the health and usage of your vehicles help you to lower warranty costs, e.g., by enabling vehicle health certificate?

With our Virtual Sensors, you can monitor the health and usage of vehicle components with Virtual Sensors, detect anomalies early and forecast component end-of-life. Our Virtual Sensors helps you avoid failures in the field: it supplies real usage information back into product development to keep warranty costs at an absolute minimum.


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Partner with us to offer data-driven services and generate new revenue streams

Are you seeking to generate value from the Software-Defined Vehicle?

COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors transform raw vehicle data into value-added insights that can be monetized through additional features and services. Each Virtual Sensor opens up new possibilities.

For instance, our Virtual Sensors for tire & brake wear and 12/24V-battery monitoring enable personalized predictive maintenance. Our Virtual Sensors for health and usage monitoring, like for HV-battery or chassis, enable the generation of an accurate vehicle health certificate, which can be used by re-selling. As well, our Virtual Mass Sensor enables overload prevention, EV range prediction or bus passenger counting.

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