Offer your customers first-class digital features that improve fleet efficiency

In fleet business, digitalization is a key enabler for efficiency gains. Two examples for fleet operators are

  • Continuous route optimization and
  • Predictive maintenance

These two are no longer “nice to have” features; they are perceived as a must-have to improve fleet efficiency.

So, what can you offer your customers next as a fleet solution provider?

Based on COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors, you can create your next innovative solution, standing out from the competition. Our AI-based Virtual Sensors transform standard vehicle data into deep insights beyond standard On-Board Diagnostics (OBD). OBD is all about questions & answers: it provides you with one-time answers to predefined queries, it was designed as a diagnostics tool and worked well, but not really as a data mining tool.

COMPREDICT can help you to extract hidden information from vehicle data to:

  • Get more in-depth insights from fleets
  • Forecast maintenance needs precisely
  • Watch the weak signals of a future failure
  • Get answers to questions that were not coded in OBD

Our Virtual Sensors work for any fleet and vehicle, from gasoline or diesel-fueled vehicles, up to hybrids and full electric vehicles:

  • Scooters
  • Passenger cars
  • Light commercial vehicles, like delivery trucks
  • Coaches
  • Heavy trucks and trailers

Sense the present and predict the future.

Are you seeking for predictive maintenance beyond OBD?

Our Virtual Sensors compute and forecast information like tire wear, brake pad and disk wear, 12/24V battery condition, to enable individualized maintenance service as required, rather than traditional default mileage intervals.

Virtual Sensors also compute an independent State-of-Health (SOH) assessment of high-voltage batteries, and they detect anomalies early, before a failure happens.

Benefits of Virtual Sensors for predictive maintenance:

  • Reduce maintenance costs with individualized operations
  • Fluidify maintenance operations with reliable forecasts to plan spares and capacity
  • Minimize workshop throughput time
  • Reduce CAPEX on spare parts stock
  • Benefit from early warnings before failure, based on weak signals that a human driver and OBD would not detect
  • Eliminate unplanned downtimes and failures on the road

Learn more about how we offer health and usage monitoring with Virtual Sensors, for any vehicle.

Measure vehicle mass continuously just with software

Are payload sensors too costly for your fleet?

With COMPREDICT’s Virtual Mass Sensor, you can monitor the vehicle mass throughout the day, without a costly payload sensor.

Benefits of a Virtual Sensor for mass:

  • Measure real-life payload continuously
  • Track and ensure compliance with regulations
  • Decide on the best vehicle for each driver’s mission
  • Balance payload and ageing between different vehicles
  • Set alerts on overload, to ensure drivers’ safety

Offer reliable battery range predictions for commercial vehicles.

Do your customers doubt they can rely on native EV battery range predictions?

The switch from diesel or gasoline-fueled fleets to electric vehicles requires fleet managers to rethink their business – a challenge but a big chance too. Vehicle mass significantly impacts the available battery range. However, the battery management system (BMS) does not know the payload as it provides cockpit information on the remaining battery range. Fleet managers know well that onboard battery range predictions are often unreliable.

COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors for vehicle mass, and battery state-of-charge (SOC) fill the gap.

Together with you as a partner, we can provide a reliable forecast of battery range to your fleet customers.

  • Resolve resistance from drivers caused by range anxiety
  • Maximize fleet efficiency by optimal charging of electric fleets
  • Provide trustworthy EV battery range information that takes current payload into account

Our Virtual Sensor for vehicle mass already plays a key role in the turnkey EV fleet solution of Watèa by Michelin.

Be our next partner offering your customers innovative digital services and features.