Virtual Sensor-Enabled Digital Services

Partner with COMPREDICT to generate new revenue streams based on Virtual Sensors

Our Virtual Sensors enable a key promise of the Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV): data-driven services

Most of the major OEMs currently invest into new business areas to generate additional revenues. Data-driven services is one of these fields. COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors are a perfect fit, as they transform raw vehicle data into meaningful, monetizeable insights. They offer a proven, scalable technical solution to vehicle manufacturers as well as to fleet service providers and telematics companies.

Since 2022, we are part of the Software République in France, an open innovation ecosystem focused on the mobility of tomorrow. Its founding members are major players in their markets: Atos, Dassault Systèmes, Orange, Renault Group, STMicroelectronics and Thales. They selected us for our capability to leverage vehicle data and connectivity to develop added-value services, one of their focus areas.

We are also currently conducting a pilot project on electric vehicle monitoring with a leading French provider of full-service vehicle leasing and sustainable mobility solutions. The project highlights battery health and residual value, from usage analytics up to driver education.

Generate new revenue streams with COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors

How can I generate revenue with a Virtual Sensor ?

Examples of new digital services enabled by COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors:

  • Predictive maintenance with detailed health and usage monitoring beyond OBD
  • Early warning service on anomalies (batteries, brakes, usage, overload..,) in vehicle fleets.
  • Usage-profile dependent pricing for electric vehicles (EV) leasing/rental
  • Battery state-of-health (SOH) forecasts, for individualized de-fleeting at the best time & value
  • Residual value estimation of vehicles
  • Vehicle health certificate
  • Usage-based insurance and warranty
  • And a lot more!

Customers can integrate our Virtual Sensors into their product or solution:

  • As cloud-to-cloud architecture, via any major cloud services provider
  • Embedded in native vehicle electronics
  • On top of additional hardware with computing resources
  • Through BlackBerry IVY as middleware

What about data privacy of Virtual Sensor based services ?

We take data privacy and information security extremely serious. We are fulfilling GDPR compliance and the most stringent Information Security requirements. Contact us for more information.


Watch the video: “Alexa, what’s the status of my tires?

At CES 2023 in Las Vegas, we showcased an implementation of our Virtual Sensors in a Jeep Grand Cherokee together with our partners BlackBerry, Bosch and AWS. On BlackBerry IVY, the results of our Virtual Sensors can be made available to applications on smartphones, to cloud-based fleet management solutions and even to voice assistants like Alexa.