Make your products smarter with AI-based Virtual Sensors

COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors make automotive components smarter.

When hardware tends towards standardized commodities, software offers you the possibility of differentiation and added value. Our Virtual Sensors uncover the hidden value in raw vehicle data, supporting the pivot to the Software-Defined Vehicle.

COMPREDICT offers a unique value proposition to vehicle suppliers in building solutions for vehicle OEMs replacing legacy or needed hardware sensors with Virtual Sensors, offering 100% support to the hardware-less strategy by adding more functionality up to unique service offerings.

The hardware-less strategy in automotive and commercial vehicles is considered as a key factor for OEMs to save weight and cost for electronics when adding software to their equation. Virtual Sensors:

  • Help to reduce hardware quantity
  • Generate measurement capabilities with software at low costs
  • Are the most endurable sensors today

COMPREDICT´s solutions for equipment suppliers

Reduce the number of hardware sensors in components and subsystems

Virtual Sensors are like the digital twins of physical sensors. They are designed to accurately reflect a hardware sensor signal, both dynamically and reliably. Replacing hardware sensors through Virtual Sensors:

  • Reduces product cost
  • Minimizes integration effort
  • Offers modularity and standardization
  • Increases supply chain flexibility

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Add new measurement capabilities to your equipment

Provide more value with less TCO than hardware solutions!

With COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors, you can add sensing capabilities to your equipment at low costs with software. It is an extremely efficient solution if adding dedicated hardware sensors is not possible at all or with reasonable costs.

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Sense the present and predict the future for smarter products

Our Virtual Sensors can monitor the health and usage of vehicle components, detect anomalies early, and forecast potential component damage. Our solution helps you avoid failures in the field, it provides accurate information that allows you to refine specifications based on reliable statistics from the real usage.

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Cloud or embedded deployment of Virtual Sensors

Our Virtual Sensors can be deployed in different ways:

  • Embedded implementation on your hardware
  • Through the BlackBerry IVY platform
  • In a cloud architecture, like AWS or Azure

With our proprietary approach, we can efficiently build Virtual Sensors for any time-series targets

To deploy a Virtual Sensor, we either take a generalized ready-to-use Virtual Sensor or utilize our proprietary Virtual Sensor pipeline for agnostic Virtual Sensor calibration. Some examples of Virtual Sensors we already built are:

  • Wheel forces
  • Brake disc temperature
  • Brake torque
  • Transmission loads and fatigue
  • Suspension travel
  • Chassis forces
  • Vehicle mass
  • Battery capacity and anomalies