Efficient use of in-vehicle data allows cost savings, emission reductions and additional revenues for manufacturers and fleet operators, which in turn transforms into benefits like less consumption or less maintenance costs for the consumers.

This can be enabled through targeted component design, right-sized durability, predictive maintenance and optimized fleet management.”

Dr. Stéphane Foulard, CEO COMPREDICT

Our mission is to transform vehicle data into value-added insights, for efficient, safe, and sustainable mobility.

COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors extract the hidden value of vehicle data. They are purely software-based and can be deployed in the cloud or embedded, for any vehicle: passenger cars, trucks, busses, scooters and other heavy vehicles.

COMPREDICT’s typical customers are vehicle manufacturers, Tier 1 equipment suppliers and fleet solutions providers.

With COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors, our partners can:

  • Replace hardware sensors with Virtual Sensors to reduce the bill of material (BOM) cost
  • Add additional measurement capabilities to vehicles, without adding hardware sensors
  • Monitor vehicle component health and usage in the field
  • Forecast component wear, and ageing, and detect failures early
  • Offer new data-driven services to their customers

How does a Virtual Sensor work?

We focus on time series signals. Our solution combines automotive engineering expertise and durability expertise with state-of-the-art data science. Through sensor fusion, signal processing and machine learning methods, COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors compute new insights from standardly available vehicle signals like vehicle speed, engine torque, wheel speeds or battery voltage.

Our contribution to sustainable mobility

We contribute to reducing the amount of electronics in vehicles and consider vehicle health & usage monitoring as an essential part of a sustainable vehicle lifecycle.

Our Virtual Sensors close the loop between the development, usage & service of vehicles, enable component right sizing and weight reduction, efficient predictive maintenance, and help manufacturers reduce their environmental footprint.


Our History

COMPREDICT was founded by Dr. Stéphane Foulard and Dr. Rafael Fietzek, after the completion of their PhD studies at TU Darmstadt. During research work, they recognized the potential of in-vehicle data, and what the intelligent use of it can generate in terms of insights. Even today, in-vehicle data analytics remain at an early stage in our industry. Large amounts of data are generated, but often without a precise methodology allowing efficient data analytics at scale. There is a demand for clear, powerful, and privacy-compliant tools that can be used across departments and easily rolled out.


  • EXIST entrepreneurial grant from the German Ministry of Economic Affairs (BMWi)
  • COMPREDICT founded in Darmstadt
  • Team of 4 people

Pre-Seed Phase

  • Pre-seed financing round with SEK Ventures (FlixBus founders) and THI Investments
  • Start of operative business
  • Main Award & Big Data Special Prize at BMWi Founder Awards in digital innovation

Startup accelerators and business development

  • Startup Autobahn Accelerator program, powered by Plug&Play
  • German Accelerator program USA in Sunnyvale
  • Second prize at BMWi Digital Start-up of the year
  • Finalist in Falling Walls Ventures, Berlin
  • Team of 8 people
  • 10+ proof of concepts for Virtual Sensors

Start of SaaS business

  • Plug & Play Tech program in Sunnyvale
  • Winner of NMW (New Mobility World) Lab Open Challenge
  • Frankfurt Forward – Start-up of the month 08/2019
  • First version of the COMPREDICT platform available for automotive R&D business
  • Team of 15 people

Seed financing

  • Seed financing round with THI Investments, SEK Ventures and Michelin
  • German Telecom Boost Accelerator program
  • Microsoft for Startups program
  • Team of 20 people

Five Years Later

  • SAP.io Accelerator program
  • German Accelerator Korea for market discovery program
  • Team of 25 people
  • 10+ automotive OEMs and Tier1 as customers

Series A financing round

  • Series A led by Vektor Partners and BlackBerry
  • Second closing with the impact fund Shift4Good
  • Strategic partnership with BlackBerry
  • Strategic partnership with MunichRE
  • Team of 30 people

On the path to series-production vehicles

  • Live demo of COMPREDICT’s Virtual Sensors at CES 2023 together with our partners BlackBerry, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Bosch
  • More to come… Follow us!